Why Black Pug?

As we transitioned from our old website, we needed a new software that accommodated our many needs and meshed well with the new website. As a large organization, we needed to be able to keep track of our many members and events. We also needed to be able to let people sign up for those events and make those events clearly visible on the website. Another factor in our decision making was the software needed to be reasonably priced.

Black Pug is a software that caters only to Scouting. It is already being used by many councils around the nation who have given it glowing reviews. As we have started to use it we agree that it is a good choice of software and the best choice for our council right now.

So what do you need to do?

The next time you sign up for an event, register and make an account with Black Pug. It will save your information and make signing up for following events, cancelling your attendance to an event, and refunds much easier.

That’s it! Pretty easy huh?

How to Videos for Black Pug

The ‘Sign In’ link in the header menu above, leads to the Customer Login. But it may be the case that you need to use the Parent Portal login. To understand what the Parent Portal can do for you, watch the video below. And here is the link to the Parent Portal Login.

Remember, if you ever need help while on Black Pug, you can use the orange Support button on the lower right hand side of the screen. This button will give you helpful resources related to the screen you are on.