Executive Committee

Greg ErnyCouncil President
Jeanine ReddicksCouncil Commissioner
Paul PenttilaCouncil Secretary
Judd MerrillCouncil Treasurer
Kathi ColbertVP of Training
Chris McQuattieVP of Finance
Laif MeidellVP of Membership
Rick CasazzaVP of Properties
Ross ArmstrongVP of Program

Board of Director Members

  • Terry Abts
  • Ross Armstrong
  • Thierry Barkley
  • Lee Bryan
  • Rod Cooper
  • Christina Erny
  • James Ferrigan
  • Greg Higgins
  • Dongjoon Lee
  • Rita Ricks
  • Ray Ritch
  • Paul Shogren
  • Jim Stewart
  • Stacy Uptain
  • Ranson Webster

District Leaders

DistrictDistrict ExecutiveDistrict ChairCommissio-ner
Sierra Nevada & Great BasinTammy RodebackTerry AbtsRod Soule
Zephyr DistrictDoug RamsayTeena PraryKeith Hastedt
ScoutreachDoug RamsayBarbara StewartKen Dubois

Interested in Joining the Executive Committee?

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