Camp Cards

Welcome to Our Annual Camp Card Fundraiser!

What is it?

The annual “Camp Card” fundraising initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to Summer/Day Camp.

The regular Camp Card Sale is in April 1st through May 31, 2024. Contact to pick up cards to sell.

SIGN UP: Are you a unit leader and need to manage your unit’s page but don’t have an account? Create your account. Make sure after you complete the form to send an email to and share with us that you have completed it.

How Does it Work?

Units that participate will keep 50% commission on each $10.00 camp card they sell in 2024.

Payments are due by the last day of the sale. Cards may be returned up until the last day of the sale. Cards that aren’t returned will cost the unit $5.00 per card. Late payments after the last day of the sale will have a reduced commission of 40%. More details are in the leader’s guide, and it is highly advised to download and read along while watching our training.

Camp Card checkout will be similar to the Popcorn program.  You will be able to check out a number of cards. If you need more cards, we will have a supply at the Council Office that the Camp Card Coordinator for your unit will be able to come check out or return as needed.

For questions, please contact

How to Sell Online

When at the website and creating your account, please use the following verbiage in the “Thank You” section:

Help me earn my way to Scout camp!

Thank you for supporting (Scout’s Name) and (Unit Type and Number) with our Camp Card sales.

For every $10 you support, you will be given a Camp Card. If you support with $30, you will get 3 cards. If you support by selecting “Other” and type in $120, then you will get 12 cards.

Cards will be mailed to you at the billing address you provide unless you state otherwise in the comments section.

Need More Cards?

If you need more cards, please email

Or come to the Council Office throughout the sale Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.

Or contact your Sierra Nevada or Great Basin District Executive, Tammy Rodeback at 775-787-1111 ext 219 or

Or contact your Zephyr District Director, Doug Ramsay at 775-787-1111 ext 221 or